3 Fun Ways To Use Rose Hydrosol

a large quantity of roses are visible before being processed into rose hydrosolRose water, or rose hydrosol, has many of the benefits and uses as rose essential oil. But, because it is steam distilled into water it’s easier to use than essential oils. You can mix rose water into many of your favorite products and use it by itself to freshen up your home, scent your laundry, or make a perfume. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to finding fun ways to use rose water. Here are three creative ways to use rose water that all your friends will want to copy:

Create Your Own Beauty Products

Homemade beauty products are fun for a girls’ night in, a slumber party, a birthday part, or to give as holiday or birthday gifts. You can use rose water and other natural ingredients to create wonderful botanical beauty products that all of your friends will want to have. Toners are easy to make with rose water, witch hazel, and a few other hydrosols or essential oils to make different scents. Toners are expensive in the store but you can make fabulous homemade ones with rose water. A fun party game is to have all girls at the party make their own custom toners as party favors. Just buy some pretty jars and let everyone create their own signature scent toner.

Give Yourself A Pedicure

When summer comes and you want to make sure your feet are sandal ready to give yourself a spa quality pedicure at home with rose water, Epsom salts, and some natural oils like Sweet Almond Oil or olive oil. First start by soaking your feet in a tub of water and rose water. The rose water has natural anti-bacterial properties and will kill any bacteria on your feet while the water softens you skin. Give your feet a good scrub with a pumice stone. Then mix the oil and rose hydrosol together and massage your feet with the mixture or get someone else to give you a foot massage with the oil mixture. Leave that oil mixture on your feet for a good 30 minutes and then rinse it off. When your feet are dry spritz them with rose water.

Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Retreat

To turn up the romance in the bedroom spray your pillows, sheets and blankets with rose water. The lush fragrance will fill the room and promote calm relaxation. That will set the mood for a romantic night in.

3 Fun Ways To Use Rose Hydrosol
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